About Us


BS Liberal Studies, Library & Information Science.  Research Geek! Certificate in Health Science, CSUS. Fibromyagia & Chronic Pain Warrior for 29+ Years.


My Story ... the short version

Born and raised in California now living in Western PA.  All my life I have been interested in health, wellness and holistic approaches to illness and health issues.  I started my education as a health major and took every exercise class my CSU had to offer.  When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I felt derailed. Years of doctor appointments, testing and the worst... the medication. I found myself addicted to the medication the doctors were giving me. On a leap of faith my supportive husband and I made a choice and moved our new family to PA to start a fresh life. Best choice ever!

I came up with an idea and blazed my own trail in the business world. I focused and created a successful integrated business branding company.  It allowed me to raise my babies and to be around on sick days. The business served me well for 18 years.

Using holistic approaches and alternative health care, I have persevered through a life of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety, eating disorder and weight issues.  My journey has been happy, sad, regretful, joyful, painful, spiritual and mostly enlightening.  I returned to the health and wellness industry as a coach compelled to help others to find tools and the right mind set to cope.  I coach on persevering, turning doubt and fear into excitement and motivation.

Overcome and be the best version of yourself, despite the pain.

Next Steps...

21 Day Challenge! It takes 21 days to create a new habit . . . Make a choice, take a leap of faith, start a new experience!