Our Approach

Down to earth coaching, no fluff, no lies, no tofu! Building awareness and teaching you how to move into a different mind set. Using the power of the mind to help you overcome and preserver through illness, chronic pain, weight management, anxiety, fibromyalgia and self doubt. I want to help you grow into the person God intended you to be. Private and personable we work together on your personal journey to enlightenment and good health for a life time.

Accountability Messaging

Coaching with messenger allows me to check in on your progress with a quick reminder and words of encouragement. It allows you to reach out to me for guidance without having to wait for an appointment.  Regular online office hours and evening check in to help you when you need it.

Online - Virtual Coaching Sessions

Life is busy so we use technology to our advantage to help you get the information and support you need.  Customized page to help you document your journey and interact with me.  Book private sessions and do your personal development from the comfort of your home or on the go!

Movement Coach

The thought of "exercise" is scary for many people. There is another way to think about "exercise",  MOVEMENT  . . . do you need a slower pace, a low impact way to work on your body?  I can help you work towards a more motivated life, gain self worth and get healthier, get up, get going!   I teach movement and stretching.   We don't all have it in us to be ultra toned and fit BUT we do have the power with in us to choose to move. Moving your body and gaining better circulation and flexibility will help far more than you realize, Its a Game changer!!

A healthy body, mind & soul leads to a happy life.

Coaching for a healthier you!

Health & Wellness Coaching

Mind -Body - Soul 

Change your mind set, change your life!

Online Messaging Sessions for your busy schedule.

Personal Development Page - Customized for you.

Convenient video chat sessions.

Healthy Eating Habits, Movement/Fitness, Stress Relief & Anxiety, Accountability

Any age group and level of fitness, we will talk about how to modify and meet realistic goals.

Helping you to reach your fullest potential!




Fitness & Health Coaching

21 Day Challenge

  • 700 Online Exercise Programs
  • Meal plans with real food!
  • A personal coach to get you motivated for 21 days.
  • Support group of hundreds of women to keep you motivated.

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Coaching

21 Day Challenge

  • You have more power than you know!
  • Mind Set Reset
  • Meal plans with real food! What are your trigger foods?
  • Validate & Relate to your story...
  • A personal coach to get you motivated.
  • Understand your chaos and help you with a plan.
  • Find Your HAPPY!
  • Tools to help gain control.
  • CBD & Medical THC advice.
  • Learning to show up better.
  • Start participating in life more!

Anxiety & Self worth Coaching

21 Day Challenge

  • Find your strength.
  • Mind Set Reset
  • Meal plans with real food!
  • A personal coach to hear and validate your story.
  • Get you motivated.
  • Understand your chaos, & help you with a plan.
  • Find Your HAPPY!
  • Teach you tools to help gain control.
  • Holistic suggestions.
  • Learning to show up better.
  • Start participating in life more!

Next Steps...

Are you in a rut? Overwhelmed? Anxious? Need motivation, inspiration... Do you need help showing up in life?  . . . Leave us a message.


My coaching comes from a place of experience and knowledge. I am not a doctor. I can not diagnose or prescribe. My intent is to guide you to creditable resources, to share experience and to teach you how to change your mind set for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

I have several affiliate product links on and about my site. If I endorse the product on the site, then I have 100% tried and found the brand worth while.  I have tried hundreds of health products... only a select few will make my favorites list.  I invite you to try my favorites.  We are all different and not every product works for every person. As a person with chronic pain, I took a leap of faith, tried several methods and have come up with some tools to help me get control and shine my light again!